Sumahan Boutique Hotel by the Bosphorus, Istanbul

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Sumahan Hotel Sumahan Hotel Istanbul
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“Sumahan on the water” a hotel of intimacy, elegance, history and design in Istanbul

“Sumahan on the water” a restored nineteenth century Ottoman distillery opened its doors as a hotel in May 2005.  Sumahan on the water is a rare example of thoughtful, historical transformation in Istanbul.  “Suma” is the word for unadulterated spirit. The hotel was the industrial factory that distilled the high proof ingredient for “Raki” the famous Ottoman tipple. “Han” was the word for inn in Ottoman times. Sumahan is among the city’s most enduring design phenomena, a hotel that integrates high quality design and respect for the sites historical context.  In essence the “Sumahan on the water” experience is about modern comfort in a historic as well as spectacular setting with friendly and personal service.


Sumahan on the water is situated on the waterfront of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The hotel has 24 rooms.  Each accommodation has been individually and skillfully designed. Every room has it’s own special character, each sensitively done to showcase the architectural style. In addition each room enjoys a spectacular view of the Bosphorus strait, which is the divide Asian and European Istanbul. This distinctive Hotel is parallel to its magnificent views of the Bosphorus. It is a contemporary architectural treasure, a heaven for escape and a link to Turkish culture.

The hotel is owned and was designed by the prominent Istanbul architects Mark and Nedret Butler with interiors by interior designer Yasha Butler. This family team of designers has grasped this unique opportunity, to turn the nineteenth century industrial complex into a special luxury hotel. It has been converted so that much of the original style of the factory retained with a contemporary luxury design - hence a perfect blend of the past with innovations of the present.

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Sumahan commands a view of the Bosphorus that frames the historic Istanbul skyline of domes and minarets.  The hotel is very cozy and exceptionally well located with most rooms having a fireplace and large windows looking out over the Bosphorus and a panoramic view of the European side of Istanbul and the old city. A stunning exceptional view, a privacy haven,a perfect hide-out in the heart of Constantinople.

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In the purity of its concept, the choice of wood and marble, steel and brick, fabrics and linens the hotel sets a standard in restoration architecture and interior design. The ever-altering image of the water is apparent in the color scheme used by the designers in the interiors, an array of blues, greens and grays. The furnishings are contemporary; the large bathrooms are well appointed with thick Turkish towels and many of Turkish style bathroom or hamam. The rooms are equipped with Internet connections, LCD TV including DVD/CD players and many other services that gives this place its very special atmosphere.


The hotel is may be reached by sea or by road; with only a fifteen-minute ride by boat to downtown Istanbul the hotel offers the splender of a intimate and elegant hotel without the hassle of the inner city. After a busy day sight-seeing or on business in Istanbul, “Sumahan on the water” is a haven to escape to at the end of the day, sit back and relax and have a refreshment on the waterfront lawn or restaurant and watch the city lights and Bosphorus activity.  The Hotel’s Launch,  is “on call” for personalized service across the Bosphorus from the hotel - year round. The Launch is also available for private excursions along the Asian and European shores of the Bosphorus.

The hotel also includes two restaurants, one is “Tapasuma Restaurant” serving Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine with “mezzes”.

And “Waterfront Café” serving Turkish and International cuisine. 

Other facilities include the Sumahan Wellness center, small health center that will offer exercise equipment, massage and a Turkish Hamam by appointment.

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