New Design For Apple Family: iTree

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Each iTree has a story of its own. The story begins with the meticulous selection of a suitable tree trunk. We therefore attach special importance to the experience of the carpentry Lenz, which over the last few decades concentrated on the building of speakers and supported us with their profes- sional advice and knowledge.


In the following, the client chooses the required length of the tree trunk, as well as the type of wood, the technical equipment und the final installation option.

We offer our clients a variety of tree trunk lengths beginning from 250 cm up to approx. 400 cm.


Our standard types of wood are spruce and white spruce; however if requested, we are able to provide cherry, stone pine, poplar and nut.

Each iTree contains a speaker system developed by Trenner & Friedl, which by default, has a 30pin Apple docking station. A high-quality digital-analog converter captures the sound coming from an iPod, iPad or iPhone in order to obtain the best possible sound from the digital files.

With regard to the technology, the client can choose between a built-in and an external amplifier system. Both systems are optional. There is also the possibility to connect the iTree to every conven- tional or already existing amplifier.

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